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Our Services

We are an accredited home watch service company providing weekly, bi-weekly, and short-term home inspections for home owners in The Forgotten Coast. 

Home Inspection Details

All services and inspections are customizable to meet your specific needs.

Modern Living Room


  • Check/adjust thermostats & humidistats 

  • Check AC filter/change if necessary and supplied 

  • Check electrical panel for any tripped breakers, reset and report 

  • Inspect all windows and doors to confirm they are secured and undamaged 

  • Check for evidence of mold, mildew, rodents, pests, unusual odors 

  • Check ceilings and skylights for signs of leaks 

  • Check security system and smoke detectors 

  • Visually check hot water heater for leaks 

Minimalistic Kitchen


  • Short cycle dishwasher and washing machine to clear lines and prevent seals from drying (per case basis) 

  • Run faucet and disposal to check for leaks under/around sink 

  • Check refrigerator (adjust temp, keep unopened/closed per owner instructions) 

  • Run water through drinking water filters 

  • Inspect cabinets for signs of rodents, pests and leaks 

Bathroom with bathtub


  • Run water in plumbing fixtures to remove stagnant water, refill traps and check for leaks 

  • Inspect cabinets for signs of rodents, pests, leaks and mold 

Large Modern House with Pool


Home Control App

A La Carte Services for contract clients

  • Clear mailbox, remove solicitations and newspapers 

  • Monitor landscaping, lawn and irrigation systems 

  • Check for hose leaks, damage, unusual odors, and signs of pests 

  • Inspect screening on windows and lanai for damage 

  • Check pool/hot tubs if applicable (water level, visually clear, visible leaks) 

  • Serve as local emergency contact for law enforcement and utility companies 

  • Audit of home items (ex. silverware, towels, etc.)

 Short -Term Services

We also provide a shorter term service for those needing temporary service due to an extended absence from home due to travel, family needs, etc.  Minimum of 2 months service required. 

Please contact us for more information.

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